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    Soul Cartel


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    Soul Cartel

    Post by Laney on Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:28 am

    Soul Cartel
    Character Specific

    Magic Description
    Soul Cartel is a special form of multi-summoning magic that Sirius is able to perform, by virtue of his birth as an Etherious Demon. By utilising the ethernano that makes up his body and the ethernano that resides within his surroundings, the demon is able to create gangsters who follow his bidding along with arms and artillery that match them. Through growing control, he is able to construct more minions of both varying skills and competence.

    Perks of Magic
    The minions that he creates are loyal to him, acting solely upon his own command, not only this but they each bare their own knowledge, some even coming complete with their own personalities, able to offer Sirius assistance on tasks should he require any.

    As these gangsters are comprised solely of ethernano, a magical compound found virtually everywhere within the world, Sirius never finds himself in short supply when he needs to create these men, being able to use portions of his own ethernano comprised cells to do so as well.

    As Sirius' costructions are solely comprised on Ethernano, they are inherently weak and tend not to last longer than one or two hits, making them vary temperamental beings.

    Due to the fact that they lack any form of element, Sirius' magic doesn't allow him to hold any advantage against magicians who do, having to solely rely on the power of his own spells.

    Soul Cartel is very versatile in being able to summon a plethora of different mafia themed henchmen for Sirius to control.

    Since the henchmen that Sirius creates are formed with certain tasks in mind, they are very skilled and proficient in using certains means to go about these tasks, whilst drawing from his own strengths.

    Place your Spells you know here
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    Name: Gangsters

    Rank: D

    Type: Multiple Summon

    Range: N/A

    Appearance: This summoning spell creates ten men, each standing at around six feet tall of varying sizes. Each of these men have a light blue glow of ethernano around their beings and don the garments of gangsters. They each come with basic single fire artillery that they are proficient in using. Along with that, they are all formed with words or even sentences pertaining to the book that Sirius originated from.

    Description: These minions that Sirius summons are formed in front of them and follow his command, they usually do so in a comical fashion and always refer to him in a formal manner. They lack physical strength within a fight, instead having to use their guns to operate. They use up a set amount of ethernano and disperse after a maximum of 3 rounds. For Sirius to build up the energy to use them once again, he must wait another 4 rounds.

    Extra: N/A

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    Re: Soul Cartel

    Post by Laney on Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:12 pm

    Bumping this up as I'm all ready to go. I've opted to only go with one D-Rank hopefully I can add the other two free slots at a later date! ^^

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