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    Becoming a Flame God Slayer

    Malik Roberts

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    Becoming a Flame God Slayer

    Post by Malik Roberts on Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:37 pm

    Deep within the blissful meadow-like fields close to the peaceful Town of Magnolia. The glorious sun showered the land with with it's brilliant rays, rejuvenating life as time passes by with each second. The brilliance of the celestial object, which sat above all who basked in it's glow, remained seemingly stationary within the the blissful skies as two certain figures stood about near the bustling town. Their forms were covered in the cascading sunlight as they, what appears to be, progressed with rigorous training. Despite the blinding brilliance roaming about, the temperature within the beautiful environment was cool, refreshing. One of the taller shapes was the teacher while the other, the shape of a child, was the student. The blanket of sunlight apparently started to change it's direction as if revealing whom these mysterious beings were, not just silhouettes. The first was the person of greater height as the light of day lifted from her form. When it had did, a woman of divine beauty shown to be stand firmly, a serious yet gentle expression upon her facial features. One could tell their was a heavenly aura coursing around her body. As if she was not of this world when, in fact, she wasn't. In actuality, she was a goddess, a transcendent divine being perceiving over and embodying a natural force of nature. She was Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun, the glorious illuminating, which brought about thousands and thousands of days, beautiful and glorious. Currently, she remained within her human form in order to keep attention from being drain to herself. This was also the reason she decided to train within the small figure out in the meadow-like fields close to her town.

    The rays of sunlight seemingly moved once more to revealed the last of the two figures, the shorter one who stood adorably firmly in the lush green grass. As to cover of day moved out of his wake, it revealed to be truly a child. He was at the age of 8, had a skin tone of chocolate brown, possessed gorgeous golden brown eyes, and mid-length black hair. He often wears grey-framed glasses over his eyes, shield one, namely females, from his handsome gaze. One would guess he could grow up into a great young man, revered by many. His name was Malik J. Roberts. A person would be mistaken when they guess from his appearance that he was an ordinary human, but he wasn't. He was a nephilim, humans who are part-god and part-demon. Unlike others, though, both of his parents were divine beings while one of his ancestors was a demon. That is were his demon blood came from. His heritage was already known by his teacher as well as family, but none of them cared. All that matter to them was that he was their family and a good,well-nurtured, intelligent boy who would never commit heinous crimes. In fact, he despised evil. Currently, he was within a fighting stance, his leg spread out, his arms steadily apart, and his gaze position on what appears to be a training dummy in from of his small form. What he was being taught to begin with was God Slayer Magic, magic giving to one by the heavens themselves. It is the power to defeat deities. Some say it is one of the most powerful types of magic within the world as their is nothing stronger than a deity and Malik was half-deity. It is because of what he is, he can achieve great heights of power, but for now he must focus on what his mentor is trying to teach. How to control the flames of a god.

    "Now Malik, let's try this again. Do not strain yourself, calm the raging fire within you. Take control and command it to come forth. After that, it will come out in a burst of fury." Amaterasu said, explaining a certain way on how Malik can tap into the magic she was trying to train him how to use. This type of God Slayer Magic was of the Flame God Slayer. It allows one to gain the power of a fire god. As the Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu knew various types of magic pertaining to the natural force she embodies. God Slayer Magic is especially one of her many powers. Taking to heart of what the heavenly woman told him, Malik focused on calming himself. Quelling the fire that rages within his small stature of a body. Moments, which seems like hours to him, passed as he concentrated on bring out the ferocious inferno that dwells within him. In that instant, he could feel it. It wasn't like the last three times where he barely felt a small flicker of the power that is to come. It was as if he could reach out and touch it and not burn. This felt different than any other fire he had seen before. The heat was not only intense, but it moved as if it was almost alive. It is like it was search for a way out, a way to it's freedom and Malik will soon give it that freedom. In that moment, the young wizard-in-training held out his right hand opened. He sternly focused on it with a calm, but serious gaze. His firm concentration grew and grew to where he was trembling with focus. He steadily converge his Magic Power to a certain point in his palm and with it, an interesting surprised instantly took place. What appeared to be a flicker of black flames materializing in his right palm. The flickering soon turned into an ignition as the same dark semi-sentient fire formed in his hand. He held it close to his face, but simultaneously far enough to not get burned within the process. He didn't want to risk burning himself as he was still learn to even create this violent element in the first place. Even at such a safe distance, he could feel the heat from it. He slowly turned his gentle gaze towards his master, whom of which had a expression of joy and pride for her student.

    "Very good Malik, You have managed to call forth the flames of a god, but you still have much practice to accomplish before you can generate it with ease. However, the fact you can now create is a feat in of itself. I am proud of you. Now, let's see how well you can use it. I want you to fire that flame toward that training dummy. Don't worry take as many tries as you need, there is no rush. The warm, living goddess said, expressing her joy at her protege's progress as she pointed to the target he now has to burn. Malik himself, was overflowing with the happiness he is feeling from Amaterasu's approval. It really made the boy jovial to be praise by a deity, making him feel as if the heavens are in high respects of him. From before he began his training, he was unsure, if he was capable of using such power. Unbeknownst to this child, the sun goddess saw a certain spark within him when she meet him and his family in human form. She could see he him as one of the greatest beings in the world. She knew, without even a sliver of doubt in her mind, he would grow up to be an amazing man.

    "Don't worry, Master, I will do my best. I can be certain I will have this in one to three tries, just watch." Malik said, brimming with confidence. It was not a tone of arrogance where one looks done on other due to a sense of superiority, but that of being sure on their own person and respect others for their unique abilities. The boy felt sure of himself that he could getting within the amount of three tries he proclaimed he would. Being around his master for a short while now, he felt so comfortable; so calm; so certain he could actually pass this next step into his training. He turned his soft, but now fully determined gaze towards the training dummy, blame flame still lit within his right palm. He strengthened his stance and held back his arm, readying himself to launch the dangerous element at the target. He hope he can hit it on his first try, but not many students get it so early when they test their power just once, so of course Amaterasu said "Take as many tries as you need". He took a deep breath, quickly exhaling to relax himself. He corrected his aim and when it was right, he thrusted his open right hand, released the black flame towards the targets. As it grew closer, it appeared it was going to land on it, burning it as a result. Sadly, the flame went overhead, missing the training dummy and hitting the grass beside it instead. As it did so, the fire quickly grew. Recognizing the threat it could pose later, Amaterasu took a few steps forward. With a wave of her left palm, the flame instantly dissipated, vanishing into thin air.

    "It's alright, practice makes perfect. Do not let your mistakes deter you from success. Like you said, you will be able to accomplish this next step within one to three tries. The secret to certain achievements is learning from your mistakes. That is what's important when it comes to facing failure in life." She said, encouraging the young nephilim while simultaneously teaching him an extra lesson on failure and success. Malik was slightly disappointed in that he failed the first time trying to burn the training dummy. However, upon hearing what his mentor had recently said, it seemed to firmly reinforce his confidence. He was also slightly in awe at how she easily made the black flame previously beside the target disappeared. He now realizes he doesn't have to worry much about accidentally burning down a significant portion of the lush, healthy grassland. Malik now had two more chances to get this right and if he could get this even on the third, he would be embarrassed that is would take that long. He knows, believes he can succeed at this current step of his somewhat rigorous training. First, he has to create another black flames. He quickly held out his right hand, palm opened, similar from before more earlier, concentrated on calming the raging inferno within himself. Then, he called it forth as he focused his power in the center of his palm. Shortly after, another black flame ignited. The more Malik was able to generate the flames of a god, the less difficult it became for him to create. Deciding to turn his attention to the training dummy in front of himself, he redirected his gaze. He pulled back his right hand and steadily position himself for another attack. He had hoped this time he will succeed. If not, there would always be a third a try.

    He carefully configured the trajectory of his second attack, keeping aim toward the training. He was slowly, but steadily breath in and out. He was trying to keep calm and simmer his mind, so he would have a better chance at landing a successful hit on the target. Of course he was a kid, he felt like he was capable of more. Amaterasu helped show him that. He was very grateful to her for teaching him his potential as a nephilim. In his own perspective, he sees them as humanity's best. They are an example that humans are not to be trifled with. As he was preparing for his second fiery tactic, the sun goddess felt a presence approaching behind her. She smiled upon recognizing it. She turned to see Malik's father, Cortez Roberts. He positioned his left index finger to his closed lips to emphasize a request for the heavenly woman to keep quiet, so he can surprise him later on. Fallowing close behind him were he wife, his daughter held close in her arms, and he second son by her side. From what Amaterasu can guess, the boy's family came to see how his training had progressed him a mage and a god slayer. He may have a long way to go, but it will be an exciting adventure in of itself. With the target in perfect aim by Malik's opinion, he gave a strong thrust with his right arm. The mass of black flame was then, launched out of his palm as it propelled straight towards the training dummy. To the boy own joy, it hit. The, as a result, left it with a burn mark more sever than a regular flame would give. From estimation of the damage seen, one would be burned through their skin of an attack such as the one Malik previously fired. The fire that successfully landed continued to spread, but with another wave of her left hand, Amaterasu caused it to vanish. Both her and the child had smiles of satisfaction on their faces. The said nephilim jumped up and down for joy, ecstatic of his accomplishment. He let out cheers of happiness, expressing how elated he was.

    That's my boy, we are very proud of you. It must have taken you a lot of hard work to do so." Cortez said, praised his son for his success. At the sound of his voice, the boy whom he was addressing immediately stopped in mid-jump. He slowly turned around with even more excitement building up inside of his small body. He soon meet the gaze the man and as such noticed the presence of his mother, younger brother and sister. Almost instantly, he ran up to them with impressive speed for a child. He then, jumped into his father's arms, giving him a great bear hug, which the handsome grown man returned. To Malik, this moment was too perfect. With both his mentor and family here with him, especially when he recently was able to master his power to such an extent, he felt like he became a god slayer. However, there was still more training up ahead. Of course, Amaterasu gave Malik some time with his family. She oh so enjoy seeing others happy.

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