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    Startup Sequence Initiated (Sample of Ryujins life)


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    Startup Sequence Initiated (Sample of Ryujins life)

    Post by RockLegendRyu on Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:43 pm

    You know, they all say that life is just the beginning, but in some cases, life...is the end for some. It was there in that very room, that life was given to an artificial being, that would ruin the lives of many of the people whom created it, and they would finally learn, that sometimes...playing God, is the worst way to go. In that dark room something went awry and it was not for the greater good of humanity. Inside the room was a tube filled with green liquid, and in that green liquid was a man...well what looked like a man, but he was hooked up to wires and cords and other electrical equipment. This was no ordinary man...he was a revolution. Never before had science been so advanced as to change a man into a machine. The lead scientist Dr. Sky and his team of twelve, including his second in command Natalia Pryde and her apprentice Clarisse Pryde, both being magical science enthusiasts. Dr Sky was a man bent on creating a new and revolutionary magical being that would be indestructible and be able to use and adapt to every potential magic it came in contact with, but little did her know that Natalia and Clarisse had their own plots. One stormy night a lighting bolt forcibly struck the room in which the robotics lab was occupying ...this was not supposed to happen. The electricity traveled down the the metal rod leading into the room and struck the electrical wiring leading into the tank. The electricity surged through the magical liquid and into my body, but i could no feel it, for i had been asleep...or deactivated. The electricity jump started my CPU and my eye began to glow a distinctly yellow light as my head began to lift and i began to look around slowly taking in everything possible. I found myself in a dark room surrounded by other tubes with barely visible creatures in them. I tried to move as best that i could but something was holding me down... , it was the wires and cords. I reached across my body and grabbed the cords on my right arm and pulled them from my body. As they sparked and began to flail about inside the tube, i reached my hand up to the glass and with a sudden pushing motion, the glass shattered at my fingertips releasing all of the water onto the floor and hanging me there by my back and my arm. I i jerk my left arm downward forcing the wires from my body and with my substantial body weight, the cords in my back fell loose releasing me entirely from my prison. I collapsed on my knees as i began to focus on my objective, to kill all the scientists...no one was to know about the abomination that was created today. Suddenly two familiar voices rang in my head...one being a woman named Natalia and the other being a woman named Clarisse...they spoke to me as my memory recalled.

    We cant keep doing this to him, he is a human being! said Natalia to Dr. Sky.

    He isnt a human anymore, he is perfect Dr. Sky replied.

    You cant keep doing this...one day you'll pay for this. Clarisse spoke angrily.

    Oh? And whos gonna stop me? you? her? HA! he chuckled as he left the room.

    Dont worry RX8257...er...Ryu...we'll set you free one day...for now...power down the both said at the same time.

    I opened my eyes after the memory. I rose to stand on both feet and turned my head towards the door. I very slowly stepped away from the tube with the flailing wires and sparking electricity. I advanced towards the door and once i got close enough to it, i reared back my right fist and launched it forward punching the door clean off the hinges and tossing it fifty feet away, into the opposite end of the hallway breaking it against the far wall. The scientists that witnessed it looked in my direction and i could feel there eyes on me, like a tiger whose just spotted their prey. My eyes turned into cogwheels as they began processing, noting my mission objective to kill all the scientists. My yellowish glowing eyes turned to a red as i engaged in attack mode and charged at the closest scientist grabbing them by the shirt collar with my left hand and rearing back my right hand. I looked around at the other scientists as they stood and stared at the fact of what i was about to do. I slammed my fist into the scientists face and slammed them into the ground crushing them. Two of the scientists rushed at me in an attempt to grab me and contain me but i was prepared for this already and was able to shake them off, throwing one into the nearby wall and roundhouse kicking the other one into a completely different room.

    I turned to look as the other scientists began to run for their lives and i remember chasing them all down one by one and eliminating them. At this point in time Natalia and Clarisse appeared and grinned at me, knowing i had done there bidding. They then walked me over to a room and there sat a man, cowering in fear as i approached.

    What...no...you-you cant...you cant be awake....you....you two did this didn't you...you ruined all of our hard work...you'll never get away with this. he started off scared and then turned angry.

    That is where you are mistaken Dr. Sky I finally had spoken my first words since my awakening. You see, it is you who will never get away with what you have done to me, you will pay for what you have done

    I walked up to him and grabbed his neck with only my right hand and lifted him into the air and began to strangle him. You see Doctor Sky, this is why you cannot attempt to play God...because once your creation become too powerful to control, you being to lose power, and once you've lost power, you are meaningless to the world. There is a war about to start, and I have some plans to finish, and with the help of the only two scientists who cared, I'm sure we can do anything we set our minds to. I smiled evilly as i clenched his throat tighter. Too bad you wont be around to see it.

    As i finished my last word, i crushed his neck in my hand and tossed his limp body to the the floor. i then walked over to his computer and downloaded every archive I could (which wasnt much) and i deleted everything else. I was then escorted outside the laboratory by the tow ladies who would then tell me my new mission objective which was clear to me, but will remain a secret for now. They said they would remain in touch with me, and i believed them, mostly because i could not sense them lying to me, but i also knew that they wanted my help or else they would not have freed me from that prison. I looked back at the lab one last time before inserting a combination of numbers and letters into a panel on my arm, detonating the fusion charges inside the laboratory causing a massive explosion that we were far enough away from that we could only feel a portion of the heat. At this moment I said my farewells to my companions and switched gears in my brain to my original objective before the death of the scientists, which was to become a famous musician and travel all of Earthworld. Before our departure however the girls "surprised" me with a gift. An electric guitar which would plug into my back. They mentioned it had no magical capabilities but it would help me in my travels. I thanked them one last time before turning away and we all went our separate ways, knowing we would one day see each other again.

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