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    RP Sample A-Rank: I Will Be a Hero

    Malik Roberts

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    RP Sample A-Rank: I Will Be a Hero

    Post by Malik Roberts on Mon Oct 12, 2015 7:41 pm

    In the peaceful town known as Magnolia, the home for the famous and rambunctious guild, Fairy Tail, a certain boy was out in the light of present day. He was within the training grounds that were supposedly behind the guild. For what practice one would guess, if they were not there to witness what he was doing to begin with. It was training to sharpen his skill on his magic, which proved to be devastating. It became more so as his strength grew in magnitude. This type of magic was ancient and has been lost throughout time for centuries. The name of this power is God Slayer Magic, a magic utilized for the purpose of combating deities or any transcendent being. Like a Dragon Slayer, a God Slayer could utilize an elemental force. However, they employ the negatives aspects of their respective element, causing them to appear black in color as well as possess exceptional destructive power. In the cause of this young mage, he was a Flame God Slayer, utilizing God Slayer Magic that gave him control over black flame. It is the destructive aspect of fire, a flame that can burn anything. Their were various goals and reasons as to why he would want to become stronger, more powerful. They all point toward a dream his had ever since he was a little boy. It was to become a hero, to protect other and crush evil. It was never really for any personal gain or selfish reasons. It was all for the safety of innocent lives as well as the caring of his family and friends. Besides, power means nothing, if you lack the strength to control it.

    The name of this certain individual was Malik J. Roberts. He was no ordinary human being, but a nephilim. He may be human, but he was also part-god and part-demon, inheriting all the power of a deity and a demon alike. As a result, a being capable of transcending to the level of a god was born. While his parents were demideities, his ancestor was a powerful demon. This same being is where his demon blood comes from. His parents as well as the doctors present that he born was birth into existence as such a being. Nephilim are very rare in the world. This is due to the fact that divine beings and demons were sworn enemies. Speaking of whom, Malik stood on the firm soil of the training grounds as he gazed down the targets right in from of his form. Stand before him were five training dummies in a straight line of a row. Behind them were twice as many, making it ten and behind them were twenty. Basically a small army. They boy simply spreads his legs outward, getting into a combative stance. He not only had to practice on the dummies in front of him, but also the moving targets above them. They levitated through the use of a type of magic involving levitation. The seemingly random and unorthodox pattern they move in can easily throw an ordinary person off, but Malik was in no way an ordinary person. As he continued to stand his ground before the makeshift training army, he closed his eyes and focused. He began to recalled the basics his teacher, Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, had taught. To calm himself, quelling the raging inferno that burns within himself, and summon it forth. He slowly raised both of his hands with open palms. He quietly listened to the moving targets that aimlessly float through the air as the gentle breezes tickled at his skin, which he noted in his mind to be pleasant.

    "Yes, I feel it now, time to begin. let the flames of a god rage." He said as he opened his eyes, black flames immediate ignited his hands. They burned fiercely as if they are hungry for destruction. His mentor had told him about the destructive nature of these chaotic flames. They are similar to ordinary fire, but are far more dangerous as they are their ordinary counterparts negative aspect, the aspect to burn and destroy. They are said to be equivalent to the flames of Hell. When he was much younger, he understood why control was especially necessary to handle this dark, if not also deadly, element. The name these flames are called by are God Flames. This is due to the fact this element is fire of a god-like level. In the hands of a master, they can destroy an entire city easily. Malik still has much to learn about the power he was taught to by the Sun Goddess. This is another reason he is here to train, to discover the hidden potential of the black flames that continued to burn in the palms of his hands. He quickly jumped up into the air, approximately 10 feet or higher. Aiming his flame-engulfed hands towards the training dummies on the ground, he released numerous black fireballs. They easily demolished the first row of targets as they quickly incinerated into nothing. He didn't stopped there, he immediately stopped his fiery assault momentarily as he brought his hand closer together, causing the flames covering his hands to converged together into a sphere. It quickly grew in size, enlarging more and more until is resembled a black sun. He wanted to take out all of the target on the ground first. Afterwards, he would move on to the ones floating in the skies, which proved to be difficult to hit. This was require a high amount of concentration, but he was certain he could do it. He was a nephilim and Amaterasu's protege. He will not fail as her student or as her family and shall prove himself by easily destroying these targets.

    "Metsujin Ougi: Kurobi!" The young god slayer exclaimed as he threw the gigantic ball of black flames toward the same spot where the rest of the training dummies remain. When it collided, it released a massive explosion. This caused a large amount of smoke to raise up due to much of the ground being burned by his attack. Guild members who took noticed immediately rushed outside only to see Malik training. Many of his guild mates respect him for the kind of person he is and admire his immense power. Multiple mages of Fairy Tail hope to at least get a sparing match with him. The sounds of the explosion had died down and the smoke was starting to quickly clear from the area he had threw one of his most powerful techniques at. As it did, Malik safely landed on his feet and stood waiting for the aftermath of his recent assault. When the smoke had clear, all that was left in place of the training dummies was a massive crater. Not even their ashes were left. An attack of that magnitude possesses enough power to inflict serious damage to at least two to three opponents. The same cannot be said to the training dummies, whom are hardly existent. Over the years of rigorous training at Fairy Tail and with Amaterasu, Malik has grown into a mature, strong, intelligent young man. His strength is a force to be reckoned with. He soon switched his attention to the moving targets suspended within the atmosphere and returned to his battle stance. Hitting objects this moving in a manner was of a higher level of difficulty. He concentrated fiercely upon their apparent random movement. As he did, he began to see a certain pattern he could make out. Those of his guild continued to watch him, wondering either how powerful he has become or how is he going to destroy those irksome targets. When he had the unique cycle of movement from these objects down to a science, he ignited his hands with black flames. This was now a test of his reaction skills and how well he can keep up with erratic speed.

    There were exactly five floating targets in total moving chaotic through the air. They fidgeted as if they were hit by a taser. However, the Flame God Slayer knew the well-placed and complex pattern integrated on how they shifted through the atmosphere. He will have to give credit to whom came up with such a difficult and exercising training such as this with these objects. With his hands engulfed in black flame, he quickly shot two fireballs aimed to where two of his targets would move to next. To how he expected it to be, his fiery attacks had hit their mark, generating a miniature explosion that incinerated the objects into nothing. He quickly moved on the last three of the group. He thrusted his right hand forth and, surprisingly, three dense streams of black fire erupted from his palm, each one moving with the swiftness of a deadly snake. These currents of destructive flame seem to follow the same motion as the remaining targets due to the mage knowing where they will strike next. Successfully, they too have hit their mark and the objects of chaotic movement were burned into nothingness. With that last technique all training dummies and targets were wiped clean from the makeshift battle ground, the only remnant being the giant crater Malik had left. Despite this, his practice with his deadly magic had yet to cease in his own opinion. He stood of straight with both arm stretch to each side of his body. Black flames ignited within each palm. He crossed both of his forearms into an X-shape formation and swiped both of his hand in a downward, diagonal motion, which released small mass of god flames. When they hit the ground they flowed around Malik's feet, forming a circle of his element. His guild mates watched on in interest, many unaware that they were watching him. The young god slayer wanted to show both how strong he has become and give them a god show, a magnificent display of his magic.

    "I know all of you are watching me train. I am flattered that many of you came. So as a show of respect, I shall give you a display that will certainly fascinate all of you." He said, grabbing the attention of all who watched the black flame mage. When he was sure they were observing him further, he lifted both his hands into the air and over his head. The flames around him followed this motion as they erupted upward into the sky. His guildmates watched in awe as the river of dark fire flowed towards the heavens. When they were high enough, Malik spread out his in a diagonal upwards motion to which the flames reacted through bursting forth. The began to quickly mold into a type of symbol. When it was complete, it was none other than Fairy Tail's Emblem made out of black flame. Multiple fire balls popped out of it and formed various star shapes, making the performance all the more spectacular. With a clenching of both hands into fists, the fire dissipated with the success of not hurting anyone. With the performance over, Malik's guildmates gave a applause of astonishment, thrill to see such a display of his magic. While these flames of his were mainly utilize as a means of offense in combat, he found various other uses for them and learned that he can choose what to and what not to burn. This will leave unintended people unharmed by his magic. He lowered his hands to his sides with a small smile forming on his face. In his very soul, he felt that he had proven how much he has grown, how powerful he has become. He also knew somewhere Amaterasu was watching him, proud how far her student has come.

    [Word Count: 1962 Words]

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