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    Sudden Chaos || Hika's RP Sample


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    Sudden Chaos || Hika's RP Sample

    Post by Hikachu on Fri Oct 09, 2015 4:25 am

    A white shimmering light reflected from the transparent glasses that encircled the grand building that situated in one of the corners of Capital Crocus. Quiet chatters and laughter echoed through out the walls of the restaurant as waiters flew past their table, yet gracefully, with a black tray firmly held on top of their palms as they would quickly amble towards the customers. The owner of this business was certainly a rich person, no doubt, by judging from the attire the waiters were dressed in; all suits and ties. Insecurities kicked in as the Sabertooth mage stole a glance around the restaurant, noticing how she was surrounded by rich and a handful of famous people of Fiore. Heat rushed to her rosy cheeks as crimson optics were casted downwards onto her hands, her fingers laced together on her lap. A scarlet cocktail dress was secured around her thin frame, the outfit clung tightly onto her skin, her slender leg greatly exposed due to the massive slit that was made purposely on the dress. Fingers fidgeting, the girl wondered when Pein — her boyfriend, was going to arrive for their date.

    Ruby hues glided over to the door of the restaurant once again, in hope that Pein would show up any second. The attire she had worn was making her feel rather awkward since those sort of garments weren't her type of ‘thing’, not to mention the ambience of the restaurant was making her feel uncomfortable as well for it appeared to majestic for her taste. The sapphire haired girl crossed her long legs, only to uncross them again where black high heels were adorned over her feet. A slender hand rose and neatly tucked the loose strands of cerulean hair behind her ear, followed by a jingle of jewellery that were decorated around her hands. Seconds plodded by, each separated from the next by an eternity before a gentleman approached her, asking her what she would like to have for a drink. ”Red wine, please.” The words escaped from her thin lips, her voice soft and gentle, one sounding like mezzo-soprano. The same figure would proceed towards her once again, placing a bottle of wine just beside her and poured a cup just for her, before she lowered and raised her head briefly, indicating her gratitude towards the waiter.

    Using her thumb and her index finger, the Sabertooth mage lifted up the glass to her cherry red lips  and took a sip. Eyes wide, a soft mumble left her lips, ”Mmm”, a surprised and content look crossed the soft features on her face and eyelids closed afterwards as she savoured the luxurious taste of the wine on her tongue. Albeit, the moment of joy was yet interrupted by a hollowed scream that erupted in the city of Crocus. Hastily, she repositioned her cup back to its place and sauntered towards the glass panels of the restaurant on her heels only to see numerous bodies laying sprawled over the vicinity of Crocus. What the hell just happened? Almost all eyes were on the situation that just occurred in front of them before panic and chaos broke out within the restaurant as they charged straight out of the building and attempted to escape in fear of the robots that threatened to annihilate the innocent beings. Little did they know that the more dangerous it will be if they are exposed to the enemies. Unable to watch the sight that unfolded before her eyes, the ace of Sabertooth stormed out of the restaurant to save the citizens of Fiore.

    Red — the sight of blood and corpses occupied the vicinity of Capital Crocus, plumes of smoke and dust rose higher and higher above the clouds, a darkened shade of colour spread among the vast, infinite sky. What has the world become? The thought crossed her mind as scarlet optics glided around the ruined town that was once the heart of Fiore and now being devastated by the sudden bombardment of robots annihilating the innocent people. Not to mention, her date has been interrupted by the sudden commotion, only leaving her to discover the culprit who had caused this havoc and to save the victims of the city. In the midst of a heated battle of robots and the humans, including the wizards, her mind drifted off to Pein, whom hadn’t shown up yet. The sapphire girl pondered if he was alright on his own and hopefully, he won’t be encountering any difficult situations against the overwhelming numbers of the metallic robots.

    ”Oga lagga,” — the sound of a little creature drew her attention as the Sabertooth mage immediately snapped her head to the source. A gasp escaped her lips followed by a rather loud exclaim, ”Gnar!”, her hands stretched outwards in front of her, welcoming her dear pet into her arms. Much to her surprise, her companion was dressed in a formal attire; a suit and tie, including a hat placed on the top of his furry head. Behind Gnar was a vague figure whom she had recognised instantly within a glance, running towards her — Pein.  With little to no efforts, a smile curved upon her rosy lips as she made a few steps forward to proceed to his direction. Not long after, Tane had made her appearance in Capital Crocus as well.  Confused on how she had ended up here, she decided to push the thoughts to the back of her mind. Lifting up her dress, the girl almost broke out into a run towards her fellow guild mates before a masked man promptly emerged out of mere thin air, preventing her from reaching to her comrades.

    Who the hell is this guy? Her lips drawn into a thin line, she threw a filthy glance at the unknown man, standing in front of her. Something was amiss here; but she was unable to put her foot on what exactly it was. Gnar stood beside her and being a reliable pet he was, he carried a bag of weapons in which his owner had forgotten to collect them before she came rushing out of her guild for the date. Screams and cries flooded the entire city, fire and wrecked buildings laid sprawled along the land of Crocus, together with bodies that lay motionless on the solid hard ground. The harsh gales carried the smoke higher in the air, that passed before her eyes only to unveil a sight of destructed area. Pity left her being upon the vision of corpses of unimpeachable beings; lips slightly parted followed by a bite of her teeth onto her lower one, eyes displayed the emotion which was partly clouded by her being of the futile state of the people who were exterminated by the robots. The remorse soon evaporated by the sudden growl that was emitted from Gnar, causing her to turn around.

    A shadow.

    Instinctively, the Sabertooth mage stepped backwards, just barely dodging the blade that almost pierced through her skin. ”What the fu—“ She was yet, delayed from finishing her sentence from the sudden attack that was aimed at her. Must be the dark guilds. The thought immediately sprang to her mind, from the glance at the woman. ”Tch.” Her tongue produced a click at the roof of her mouth, a sign of annoyance that there was someone else obstructing her from saving the people. ”Why’re you doing this?” The words escaped from her lips, her voice cold and harsh, maybe a bit hoarse — just like winter. Hands clenched beside her, the girl snatched the bag from Gnar and to reveal a pair of guns; a mini-gun and a rocket launcher before she threw the bag away with a swift motion of her hand. Bullets flew through the area, specifically aimed at her target as loud roars of gunfire exploded from her weapon.

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