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    Gaining Strength - Deus RP Sample for A-rank Dragon Heart


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    Gaining Strength - Deus RP Sample for A-rank Dragon Heart

    Post by Voxel on Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:58 am

    The delicate twist, then again it blows; time runs with it, much like water streaming down a spring. Sand falling in an hourglass, neglecting it past every living thing, the day slipping however the universe's splits. A dash of dark red slicing through the recently lit sky, similar to a crisply cut injury, the sky blue sky flicked with shades of red, orange and yellows then quickly to that of dark blue. The once dull dim mists that littered the limitless sky, now changed to ivory wads of secret, simply coasting nimbly over an area contaminated with concealed fear. Defilement, double-crossing, passing and numerous other negative qualities, while as yet holding numerous great ones. The unlimited area secured in ever such lavish and energetic green tree's, flourishing towns, and shrouded secrets to yet be found, for example, one being upon the side of a huge oak tree. His red hair rippling in the delicate breeze, all pulled in a dark hairband. Long rich locks of hair dark red as that moving through his own veins. Blue circles much like the sky above him, sparkling in the daylight that was the flashing through the leaves and branches. Like bits of wondrous knifes penetrating his eyes, making him raise up his hand, a slight darker tone of skin held upon the skin.

    A shade of peach tone however more darker than regular, whilst him doing this his feet starting to move, following along the tree's bark. Towards a branch underneath his feet, seeing his body level to the parallel trunk, till he reached to the lower ranges. His white shirt with the brilliant and silver like stylistic layout along the season of his fabric, which was perfectly tucked into spot. What's more, his right hand coming to up to his jaw, rubbing against an exceptionally all around prepared button like stubble whiskers. That of the same shading as his hair, his long slim fingers wrapping around his wide very much created jaw. Eyes examining the timberland for the storeroom street to advance toward the adjacent town, named "Magnolia", he as needing to take a walk around the exquisite lanes, Those of which he heard were cleared in a delightful white stone, just about that of ivory or marble.Crimson indulgences now tumbling from upon the top over his head. When hitting it and arriving in his grasp, his sky blue eyes shot up and he saluted the branches above. Not single word he said, for his voice was not required yet, just his eyes, loaded with peace, satisfaction and miracle. While his brilliant pearl white teeth flashed in the stunning light of the day, similar to stars in the splendid day, and gems waiting to be discovered.

    His contemplations blurring around his striking hair, entirely obvious to any who might have the alright energy to look above and spot him. His white tucked in catch shirt, with the brilliant and silver lined shirt, set relentlessly by a couple of blue slacks. Held up by a dark calfskin belt with a brilliant square clasp, his shoes, that of a refined courteous fellows' loafers. Dim cocoa, and with an arrangement of dark slim strings to keep them unfaltering and immovably secure upon his feet. The neckline of his shirt, unfastened at the main four to permit his solid structure to appear through his etched semi perfect skin. The slight body hair upon his mid-section, letting strands of red gleam upon his peach tan skin, his arms, holding the same slight measures of rosy like hair. For his sleeves where moved up, and collapsed in a flawless and expert way, now both hands sliding into his slacks side pocket, for his feet started to run once more. This time around the branch's base and down the storage compartment's side, his red like hair streaking through the air like a warning, moving and rippling with every move he made. The wind's sound, brushing and whispering to him, making it show up as if the wind was controlling his hair to his face, making him flip it away,

    The warm summer air and sun at long last topping through the mists that walked around the purplish blue sea above, making the cool summer air turn somewhat hotter. Furthermore, bringing a more wonderful grin over his face, his stunning arrangement of teethe blazing through the morning day was a wondrous sight. For when he made it to the tree's base, his minimal mild walk transformed into a slight run, for he would not appear to like to stay in one area. In any event for long, he knew the backwoods' threats he was in, and realized what could happen, he simply would not like to be gotten highly involved with anything that ought to emerge. The tender blast of wind driving the trees to hit the dancefloor with happiness around him, as their leaves confined and moved along the delicate hands of the wind. Seeing a red circle being hurled into the air was what was the focal point of consideration by the wooden critters. The tall male figure hurling up the red natural product he got from the huge oak tree he was on, when it at long last returned he pulled it up to his lips and bit into it. The crunch and snap of the organic product, the fresh solid it made as he tore the meat far from the structure letting the juices slide down his cheeks.

    With his teeth cutting through the wondrously sweet and energetic nibble he took a couple of more bits before hurling it to let nature follow all the way through. What's more, after at some point discovering his way to the clamoring town known as Magnolia, his eyes getting to be broaden, as his interest was crested significantly more. *What tis this, such wonder and vigorous social orders still stand.* *How fabulous and entirely productive of me to discover this place.* The words reverberating in his brain, for his method for discourse was somewhat more maintain and more formal than the vast majority. With his brain set on meandering, he kept his eyes on his surroundings, for his ears livening up as the tenderly expressions of ladies tickled his drum. His eyes dashed towards numerous ladies whispering sweet delicate expressions of his appearance and his somewhat grand elegance. His grin was the main thing that left his lips, letting his consummately set of ivory white teeth to sparkle in the light of the new day. The sudden glimmer of red upon their confronts everything except made them uncover their sentiments avoided sight of the young fellow. His blue eyes looking into different shades of hues, going from emerald green, to hazel that was sprinkled with yellow, chestnut and green. To an arrangement of exquisite sapphire blue spheres like himself, all of which were given to similarly terrific young women.

    His consideration being adverted to the sound of a ruckus out yonder, now needing to reveal what the reason for it was, he gave all the young women giving him delicate eyes. A tender bow and a wave with his feet now moving and sliding over the smooth white cobblestone asphalt. Moving through individuals, delicately moving them aside and coasting through the group, similar to a snake through the grass, til he discovered the unsettling influence's wellspring. A gathering of youthful yearning mages duking it out with one another, through their test of magicka and physical ability. His grin simply staying while he delighted in the fight that occured, while it was warmed and very nearly did escape from hand, he held his ground and when everything finished he laughed and allowed the young fellows to sit unbothered to settle their disparities. Near close late morning, and the glow now blurring over the town, the puffy white cotton balls that where known as mists. All started to settle over the extensive town, making the cool summer day return and permitting the breeze to help up, yet still be sufficient to feel excellent. Despite the fact that he did appreciate the sights, a short break was all together, for a couple seats where close him, and all things considered he charitably sat down upon them.

    Taking in the tranquil sights and sounds, too for the odors and vibes that were vibrating from around him. The feeling of Aether was solid in the town and he could feel it in his bones, for they hurts and crushed in a manner like that of when a tempest gets through the area. An exquisite sensation however was the distinction to this inclination, with at some point of that almost thirty minutes or something like that, the young fellow held up. His long extravagantly flawless dark red hair moving about his head, and settling downward on the focal point of his back. Furthermore, his loafers now sliding over the town's rock, his eyes set upon the water crafts, for his time in Magnolia was yet finding some conclusion, however as it perhaps he would not like to leave. He had practically no decision for his society was his sanctum to call home. What's more, consequently forward he was required there, he had some work that should have been be settled there, and he wasn't simply forget about it and dally about. Faltering was not his method for living, an undertaking that he set was should have been be met, and a slight makeshift route was all he was taking. His time in Magnolia town would not be his last however, he this was not going to be the last time he ever went to the magnificent radiant town that he most likely did appreciate visiting about.

    What's more, with the sun high in the sky, the wind the same as it once seemed to be, individuals looking at him upon his way towards the transportation yards. The young fellow, with hair as distinctive to that of blood, eyes like the sky itself, and conduct well past the time of most men. trekked along the ivory shaded cobblestone streets of the town he would come back to one day if not soon. Considering to himself, and delicately rubbing his button for his eyes now going after the fundamental square and wellspring. "What a beautiful spot to call a sanctuary, tis genuinely a wonder to ponder over." "Do that may it be such, tis not my place to call my home." His delicate tone holding a more profound tone to is for every word that held the letter "H" in it, his tone extended too to different words. His last discourse he would make in the town for the day. Presently, quiet fell over him for his words where not required once more, one and only place was required for his words, the society corridors of Dragon Heart. His one genuine home, as along these lines the excursion starts for some, this youthful keeps an eye on story starts. As his feet now hitting the vessel that would lead him to his freshly discovered home, the Autonomous' Island organization know as Dragon Heart.

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