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    A Bright Red Star [RP sample]

    Norou Shikage
    Norou Shikage

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    A Bright Red Star [RP sample] Empty A Bright Red Star [RP sample]

    Post by Norou Shikage on Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:25 pm

    The desert winds were slightly cool and dry, a few cactus were around the area but other than that it was nothing but the two who had been standing face to face and the perfectly clear night sky with a massive moon shining light down upon the two enemies. The man standing on the right had taken a very lax stance, his hands were in his pockets, he was standing with a slight slouch and his face was more or less expressionless as he looked across the space that divided him and his opponent. This mans name was Drake Rosenhardt, Guild Master of an Independent Guild known as Soulcalibur. He wore black combat boots on his feet which were tightly knotted by the black laces on them, Dark navy blue jeans to compliment the already darker color scheme of his clothes, a black belt which had a chain connecting from one belt loop to another which hung by his left side hip and leg, a simple white t-shirt and a black zip up hoodie which had a furry brim on it which normally rested down by his neck as he only put the hood up when it was actually cold His hair blew gently in the wind, it was a crimson color much like that of a rose, only two long strands fell into his face from his bangs, one on each side. A handsome grin crawled across his face as he looked at who had been across from him, It had not been an old friend or a distant lover, nor an enemy or even his most revered rival, it had been someone whom he hadn't seen in decades, someone who had taught him literally everything that he had known up until that date, it was much more than just a mentor however, they were of the same flesh and blood, the man standing before him had been his father.

    His father stood no more than ten feet away from his son as they looked face to face, his father appeared to be almost a doppelganger of Drake himself though Draco had been much older, he looked much more battle worn and  as if the man had seen some 'things' in his days. Draco Rosenhardt, married to Mallory Rosenhardt, they were something of a 'power' couple in their days, both had been Wizard Saints before the war but they met much longer back in time than that, Draco had been a successful mage himself, he took joy in doing missions for the sake of other which ended up building himself quite a lot of fame and money. His mother had been a healing mage, specializing in healing magics though Drakes magic, a type of magic that had been passed down in the family for so long as this magic was seemingly lost in time, is something rather special and spectacular to witness as well, it was much like watching fireworks in a nights sky. The magic in question was none other than the Heavenly Body Magic, a type of magic that allowed its user to draw upon the power of astronomical objects, enhancing their capabilities both physically and magically, his father was famous for knowing such a magic that very few possessed. Passing the magic along to his son long before the war, he was but a boy when his father had to go to war for the sake of good and in that time Drake had been studying and training, making his own spells for the Heavenly Body magic which eventually lead him to develop his own unique version of the magic, he called it 'Heavenly Red magic'. Essentially it was the same thing as Heavenly Body magic and while he was able to use most if not all the spells his father could use, he had developed his own signature spells which went along with this 'red' theme which follows his magic. Most of his spells drew upon the power of a mysterious red start named 'Teoldar X', among the extremely small community of Heavenly Body mages there was a small collective study of the stars and the Universe as their magic allowed them to research such things much more intensively than most others would be able to. 'Teoldar X' had been a mystery to them all, it had taken the form of a Red Giant star, while normally they are at the stage where the surface is hot enough for the helium to fuse and form carbon, expanding and cooling the star which also causes it to shine less bright, Teoldar X had rather odd properties, it was able to expand without cooling and it's shine became brighter and brighter with each light year that passed. This was the sign of a truly strong and powerful star, giving perfect reason for Drake to draw upon it's power as it had so much to give.

    This marked the first time he had seen his father in years, presuming that he had actually been dead as his mother had unfortunately lost her life in the war and reports of his father never came back. To carry on their legacy he dedicated himself to becoming a strong mage and continuing on the path of being a Heavenly Body mage, something their family held in very high regards. The two stood facing each other and as both of them had so much to say they were both tongue tied, dumbfounded and even awe-struck. Drake could not believe that his father was actually alive, he had been searching for him for so long that he had began to give up hope and to start accepting that he had not only lost his mother to the evil known as war but that his father too had been taken away from him. His father on the other hand was at a loss of words because he thought he'd never run into his son again, purposefully trying to avoid him out of shame for not being able to protect his wife and his son mother. He had ran away from the war once things started to get really bad and he became filled with grief, standing himself out in the middle of nowhere and living in the desert where he could see the nights sky perfectly almost every night without the interruption of city lights or even people. Falling to his knees as tears started streaming out of his face like tiny waterfalls from each eye. "S-son! Y-your mother I-i couldn't even pro-", he had been cut off by Drake who had approached his knelt father, placing a hand on his head, "Dad-....it's not your fault." A moment of silence followed as Draco attempted to catch his breath hand stop crying as if he were at the mercy of his own son. Drake had given his father a moment to recollect himself after breaking down in front of his child whom he hadn't seen in years. "I had been searching for you for so long that I had almost given up hope and came to terms with the fact that you had also died in the war with no recognizable body, hence me not getting informed about it, mom's memory will always live on through us." Those words alone made Draco stop crying and start to laugh, he got to his feet quickly and embraced Drake in a tight and loving father/son hug, one they hadn't been able to do for quite some time. "It's you! It's really you....look at you, you're all grown up now. No matter what you've done im proud that you are here today, standing in front of me to tell me that everything is going to be okay, no son should have to do that for their father." Draco said as he continued to tightly embrace his son.

    Hugging his father back tightly, Drake let a moment of silence go by as his father spoke to him of how he was proud that he was still alive among other things that weren't necessary to say, it brought a smirk to Drakes face as this had been so uncharacteristic of his father though he gave him a break because it was clear his father had been through a lot, he didn't look nearly as healthy as he usually had and it was clear that he had been through the hell of war. His father slowly let go of his tight embrace, tracing his hands up his sons arms until his hands rested on his sons shoulders looking him in the eye and taking a step back. Drake put his hands back in his hoodie pockets, "Well, you look like you've seen better day's huh old man?" Drake laughed as he put on a sincere smile. Draco began to laugh to which ended in a cough, "Yes my boy, I have seen better day." Drake started to pace backwards from his father until they were once again ten feet apart, "Well it's been a few years since I've gotten to show you what I got, you ready to see what I've learned and how strong I've become since you've been gone?!" Draco put on a big smile as he took a stance "I'd love to son, let's see if you've become as strong as me because if not, you aren't even worthy to carry the Rosenhardt name!", Drake chuckled a bit as a red aura seemed to fill the nights air around him, his hoodie flapping up a bit along with his hair as Drake released his magical power so as to become visible, "That's tough words coming from a washed up old man!" Drake exclaimed with a wide smirk. Uttering to himself, "Heavenly Red magic: Red Dwarfs." The air around him was now filled with golf ball sized red floating orbs which seemed to glow with a high intensity, Drake could feel the head coming off of them as fifty of them floated around drake within a ten foot radius. Bringing his right hand out of his cozy hoodie pocket he extended his hand towards his father and in that moment all of the red orbs shot towards his father like a firework-shotgun of sorts, the red orbs leaving streaking tails of red in their wake. His father quickly activated his Black hole shield, one of his signature moves where he creates a tiny black hole in front of him to absorb incoming attacks. Some of the orbs collided with the black hole, being swallowed up into it while others when whizzing past his father and the shield to hit the sand behind him, as the orbs came in contact with the sand, it instantly turned to glass as the balls were made of molten core, essentially they were all tiny molten cores. When they hit the surface of the sand aside from turning it to glass the orbs seemed to pop open, sending small amounts of molten core everywhere, a tiny bit had left a drop of his fathers leg as he yelled out for a moment, shaking his leg off.

    When his father finally looked up from his leg, checking to make sure it had been okay from the brief sting that had been left behind from the magically conjured cores, his son had not been standing where he was anymore, Draco's eye's opened widely as he looked around searching for where his son had went when he began to see another red light in the sky up above him, taken by surprise. Drake had been a good twenty feet in the air above his father, pulling his arms back to either side of him, his hands began to charge with red light, "Heavenly Red: Red Death." Drake said as he slammed his hands together, connecting the two red magical orbs around his hands meeting in the center, aiming down at his father. The moment the orbs collided they shot out in a beam-like manner downward towards his father. The beam traveled extremely fast, too fast for the proximity it has been fired from for Draco to dodge it completely, He brace himself with his arms and jumped backwards. The red beam slammed into the ground where Draco's footing had just been, the beam was roughly eight feet wide and when it hit the sand it to, much like the spell used before, turned the sand into glass on contact as well as blasting sand everywhere and boring a hole into the ground roughly ten feet deep. The impact sent his father flying backwards along with the wave of sand and glass shards that had followed closely behind the initial blast.

    Preforming a back flip, Drake landed on his feet now ten feet away from where the blast had been, sliding backwards to a stop. His arms had been bloodied a bit by the glass shards coming in contact with his skin and cutting him up a little, damaging his already rather tattered clothes as well. Lowering his arms and staring at his son who had landed on the ground just passed the hole in the ground he had created, Drake had put his hands back into his pockets. "Not bad my boy but there's rumors going around that you're now a big shot Guild Master, tell me.. those couldn't be your most powerful spells now could they?" Drake stayed quite for a moment as he smirked, "....Dad, im not trying to kill you im just trying to show you some of my own personal moves~...", "Well I can see that my boy but I'd like you to show me the best you've got, were in a desert so there's no need to hold back, the only thing here to destroy is the few cactus here." Draco said in quick response, he could see his son's typical smirk and knew he had been keeping his trump card in his sleeve. Letting out a soft but slightly annoyed sigh, looking down to his left, "Fine dad, you really wanna see it, i'll show you something spectacular. I have only one rule though, im not going to use this attack on you, im not sure your battle-worn state could handle such a thing, your going to need to come over here by me and shield yourself."

    Reluctantly, Draco trudged over by his son and followed his orders, bracing himself for what was to come. Drake took several steps forward as he looked around along the plane of horizon which the desert sat on, being separated from sky and sand, reaching both his arms out to his sides with open palms facing upwards and closing his eye's, tilting his head towards the sky. "True Heavenly Body magic: Teoldar X" Drake said in a silky manner, the words coming out of his mouth like a soft poem. As soon as he spoke the words his magical aura flared up with extreme intensity, filling the night sky with the color red. "Father, witness my star, 'Teoldar X' in all of it's burning glory!" His magical aura continued to build up, becoming more powerful by the second as something else began to happen. The area in front of him within a three thousand foot radius began to seem slightly distorted as if caused by heat distortion of view, the earth began to shake a bit and the skies seemed to roar despite there not being a single cloud in the sky as what started as a red little dot formed roughly two thousand in the air, one thousand five hundred feet away from Drake. As soon as the red dot was visible it began to rapidly expand to its fully possible summoned size of one thousand feet in diameter, a massive red glowing orb of sheer molten core, turning all the sand in the surrounding area instantly into glass. This massive orb was floating no less than five hundred feet off the surface and it was producing an extreme and almost unbearable amount of heat. Draco could tell just by looking at Drake how much strain it was putting on his body to summon an entire star to the area despite it not being its true size, it's true size would have trumped the very planet they were on hundreds of times over making it impractical to summon the entire thing. Drake's body was wrapped tightly in his red magical aura as he was still in the same position he had started the spell in but now with his eye's open looking up at Teoldar X with a massive smile across his face. Looking back at his father, "I could now drop this down and have it make contact with the earth but I do not wish to forever change the geography of this area, turning this desert into a massive crater of glass." Letting out a massive huff of exhaustion Drake dropped his arms and slumped over himself as well, sweat beading quickly down his face. As soon as he had dropped his arms Teoldar X began to fade away quickly. Draco then rushed to his son, grabbing his left arm and placing it around his shoulder, holding his son up in a standing position, "My boy you have surpassed even your father, you truly are my son, a great and skilled mage...I-it was...magnificent...beyond words even..."

    A Bright Red Star [RP sample] TZQjokI

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