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    Mitsuki's Rank RP Sample


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    Mitsuki's Rank RP Sample

    Post by Mitsuki on Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:30 pm

    The sun was already setting when Mitsuki finally reached the gates of Hargeon. Her request was a very simple one. She had to save a local's criminal lord's daughter from a rival gang that captured her. He couldn't turn to light guilds since he was a wanted man himself. She was very good herself at kidnapping people and therefore decided that it shouldn't be to hard to find out where others would have hidden the girl. First however she should go meet with her client himself. He lived on the other side of town, which would require another large trek through the city. Not feeling up to more fighting today she would retire at a local inn for now.

    The next morning was a rather gloomy one. It was raining outside and the young dark mage had to walk through the entire town. She covered herself in a raincoat she had taken with her just in case. At least the she wouldn't be drenched when walking through town. It also wouldn't look very suspicious if someone was hiding their face inside it. It was to block the rain after all and definitely not her face, right? With that she easily passed through town without anyone noticing her. Sure the Magic council had fallen but that wasn't a reason not to be careful. It was quite possible that she was going to spend some time in this town and she didn't want any of those trigger happy Light guilds to come after her.

    She liked this new guild she recently joined. It gave her the perfect hideout for if things got out of hand again to cool down. Since she never did anything major it hadn't followed in a bounty just yet. Sure she had to do a few jobs now and then. But that would work out alright, she wasn't really afraid to get her hands dirty. That and some of those jobs looked really fun as well. Doesn't really matter if the work in itself is fun already. She could get used to this.

    She pressed the small orb that she was instructed to do by her request. A few seconds later a maid opened the door. 'This guy knows what life is all about!' Was the first thing Mitsuki thought when she saw the cute maid in her uniform. Boy, what Mitsuki wouldn't give to get a maid that had to obey her every order like that.

    "I am here for the request, can I come in?" Mitsuki asked politely. No real reason to get rude. The cute girl might come to dislike her otherwise. Well, if she did, Mitsuki would make her like her. After her request was completed of course, wouldn't want to piss of the guy who still had to pay her.

    "Eh, sure. Come on in. I shall go tell the boss you are here." the maid said as she went back inside the house to get her master. The entry hall was simple, but well decorated. There were a lot of paintings on the hall and a large white stairs led to the first floor of the house. From which very soon the maid returned from.

    "My master will see you, follow me please." She said from above the stairs. Mitsuki went up and followed the maid. two hallways later they ended up in front of a double door. After which the maid gestured she could go in, after which she went her own way. Mitsuki went inside and was standing into the largest room she ever saw inside a house. Everything was decorated a lot, but it was all clean as if it was cleaned five minutes ago. Of course, they didn't do this for her because they possibly couldn't know she was coming. Or did they know?

    "Animus Sin, You left a request." The young girl asked the dark figure in front of her. The room was rather dark, so even for her eyes it was difficult to see in. She could see he was wearing a suit and a tie and that he had a pale skin with clean and short black hair.

    "Ah, Yes. To save my daughter. I'll get down to business. She was last seen three days ago at midnight drinking in town. Her bodyguards were defeated, but they weren't dead. Maybe you could go question them for info? In any case, it's up to you to find her and bring her back to me. If you do, you will be handsomely rewarded." Mitsuki stopped listening around bodyguards, but returned her attention once she heard the word "handsomely". Oh boy was she going to receive private time with his daughter? This request was getting better and better. At that moment she smelled something though. Coming from the door. Somebody was listening in on them. She would investigate that one about right now.

    "That's fine. I've got it from here." She calmly said while walking straight at the door. With enough noise that someone form outside would hear. She was right, she heard footsteps moving away from the door. She quickly opened the door, but couldn't see anyone. She smelled around, the culprit was still close and she would swear she had smelled this scent before somewhere.

    "Seems like we have a mole in here." She said more to herself when she closed the door. Even though they inside could have heard as well. She quickly ran into the direction of the smell. Soon she ran against something, after which the maid who followed her appeared from nowhere as if she had just appeared from there. But Mitsuki knew better. She gave the maid one quick hit on the head to incapacitate her. She was obviously not a good fighter, better from staying in the sidelines, invisible

    After receiving permission from her client to do whatever she want with the spy she went back to the girl. She hadn't done anything to her. She hadn't even removed her dress yet.

    "Now you will talk." Mitsuki said calmly. Nothing happened, Mitsuki didn't expect this to go so easy.

    "No? That's alright too... Let's see how you handle this." She enhanced her arms in poison. She clawed at a spot that had no rope she could accidentally cut. After a large bruise appeared on the woman's hand she looked at her strangely. As in asking "is that all?"

    "Of course, but did you know you're poisoned now? If I don't intervene, You will die within the hour" She said, just as polite and friendly as always. In truth, the poison wasn't that deadly. If left untreated she would die from it, but it would take multiple doses and a much larger amount of time. What this poison did though, was giving vary painful feelings shortly after being administered. It would really feel as if she was going to die. Of course, the Maid didn't have to know that just yet. First there was silence, then the poison started to work.

    "Okay Okay I'll talk! Just stop this madness. Please. Three people, Warehouse 14 in the southern part of the docks." She quickly said. Well that was easier than expected.

    "Your lucky I am on such a tight schedule. If I had the time we could do so much more... Oh and anyway, you won't really die from that poison. It will still hurt a lot for a while though. See you later!" Mitsuki said rather happily as she left the room. She could hear the curses from the woman outside the room. They didn't sound really nice. Anyway onto the docks!

    Making her way to the docks wasn't really difficult. There were many people here that were willing to explain the way. It helped that she wasn't such a known face in the magical society yet. If she was and people knew about her alliance they might think twice about helping her. Of course she never dropped the exact number of warehouse she had to be. Just in case someone suspected something, they wouldn't be able to call the rune knights to her exact location. Which she wanted to avoid at all costs.

    Entering inside she came upon a two of the three people the maid promised inside the main entrance. They didn't look all too happy about the door opening and a unfamiliar face entering.

    "Halt who goes there?" He asked in a very aggressive tone. Mitsuki herself already knew what kind of reaction she could receive. They obviously were going to attack her to moment she tried to get in further.

    "... Surprise inspection!" Mitsuki said sarcastically. Apparently they weren't bothering to hide that something was wrong here. Of course the warehouse was abandoned so of course there wouldn't be any real surprise inspections. One immediately shot a fireball at the young girl.

    The fireball hit the door with trying to dodge it. With limited space inside the doorframe this was a little difficult. While she jumped inside the building she still got her left leg covered inside the attack. The fire seemed to burn through her skin, but not more than regular fire would. Still that could spell enough trouble, the fire caught onto a few wooden crates close to the entrance. It would spread soon enough.

    Quickly the other magic followed up with a water based attack. Mitsuki reacted by firing of a dragon's breath attack to completely overpower the water mage. The purple liquid worked it's way towards wizard to quickly knock him out. One down, two to go.

    "You'll pay for that!" The fire mage was very angry that Mitsuki had attacked her friend and launched a rather large attack at Mitsuki. She wasn't going to be able to dodge this one. She tried to get away from it, but it still hut her entire body, which was blown aside. This one was a bit tougher than his friend. In any case she had to find a way to turn this tide here. She quickly stood up again after that again. multiple burns were visible around the Dragon Slayer's body. Still this wasn't something she didn't face before. She had suffered wounds like that since she was a kid.

    "Is that all you've got?"  She said while charging a spell of her own. A large wave of poison extended from her arms rushing at her opponent. Hitting him full front she quickly followed up with another spell. A crushing blow from her legs enhanced with poison on his face. She was close enough to bring this spell to it's targeted destination. He too fell unconscious.

    Now only one to go. Mitsuki ran towards what she believed to be the direction these guys kept their prisoner. She felt she could go on. One more of these guys shouldn't be a problem, provided they were just as strong as her previous opponents. Of course, a warning bell in her head went of as the last person was usually the strongest.

    Just before she reached a door leading to smaller part of the building, leaving the large stockroom part of the building that was taking up most of the building the door opened from the other side. Looks like the third person was coming out to see what the commotion was about. Mitsuki tried to hit him, and while her attack hit him in the face, which should hurt a lot, she didn't feel anything and the person in front of her faded. What did just happen? The moment she was asking herself that question something pointy hit her back.

    Once She turned around Mitsuki couldn't see anything in her back but the same guy was standing behind her. Some kind of high-speed magic? That would be possible if he wasn't standing at three different points at the same time. Something was absolutely fishy in here. She tried to smell them, but only one of them were registering any valid human scent. But they were standing way to close to each other to know which one. She fired a small poisoned projectile at the middle one, which vanished on hit.

    "Figured it out yet?" He said while making more self copies of himself around her. They all seemed to fire some sort of projectile at her. This was bad, she was positively stronger than him, she could feel that because his in itself needles weren't that bad, but that was a mood point if she couldn't figure out which one was real. Why was she going this far again? Since when was she a shining knight that went to save damsels in distress. This work wasn't for her. Still she took this job know, can't chicken out this time.

    "How about this." She used a larger scale attack in the direction of the scent. All but one of them disappeared when the attack connected. With the needles this probably was...

    "This is Illusion Magic isn't it?" She guessed. While traveling before she had faced all kinds of magic. This was one she hadn't seen one before. It required a great mind to use well. This guy had a lot to learn, since he couldn't fool her nose.

    "ugh... Good guess, but it won't save you!" He said as Mitsuki founded herself surrounded, not by more copies, but armed soldiers. This might hurt a bit.

    "We'll see about that." She first fired a strong attack from her hands against the soldiers in her path to her opponent. Many vanished by being hit, but they seemed to resist her magic rather well. Meanwhile the others attacked her with their spears and swords. Which really hurt a lot. She ran closer, but there she was met with another wall of illusions. Time to stop playing around.

    "Poison Dragon's Crippling Blow." She calmly said as she launched her attack, to start calling out her serious attacks was something she didn't do often, but when she did it promised it wasn't going to be pretty.

    -Back at the bosses office-

    "I heard what happened, not only did you catch a spy in the act you also saved my daughter. For that I can't thank you enough. this is for you!" He said as he opened a briefcase with a lot of money inside. She could really live long from that little. She was waiting for the handsome part of the reward which didn't came.

    "Sir, what about the handsome part you promised?" She boldly asked. Really not figuring out that he only meant money.

    "My friend, do you have any idea how much this is? Isn't it enough?" He answered irritated. It seemed there wouldn't come much from that, but she had one last thing to try.

    "What about the traitor in your household?" She asked curiously. Maybe she at least could get her.

    "You want her? Do as you like, I don't want to see her ever again. She isn't coming inside anymore." Mitsuki didn't need to hear any more and stormed out of the room to find the maid.

    "Oh it's you again." The maid said. She looked rather angry.

    "Don't worry we are going to have fun night... I am going to enjoy this." Mitsuki said with the most perverted smile she had shown in years. She loved the face the spy draw. It wasn't one of happiness at all, just like Mitsuki wanted it.

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