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    RP Sample B-Rank: Malik, Child of Ruin

    Malik Roberts

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    RP Sample B-Rank: Malik, Child of Ruin

    Post by Malik Roberts on Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:37 pm

    Within the present day of the bustling town of Magnolia, individuals walked about in a desired direction, their goals kept to themselves and away from others. Multiple men and women working in shops, go on with their daily lives, wanting peace and tranquility for themselves to spend time with those they cherish most. As they went about in the many hours to come, the sun continues to show it's blinding brilliance upon all who bask in the glorious glow of day. While some people seek to be at peace, most desire to help others, and fight for their cause or for the rights of others. A certain individual, in specific, strive to defend those who are good from darkness and the wicked. He who has dreamed of such moments, even as a child. At the guild known as Fairy Tail, known for it's rambunctious members as well as their great sense of adventure. For one boy, his view on life was that of an endless adventure as there is never a dull moment, always something that keeps everything ever joyful and surprising. In the back of the entire guild sat the Training Grounds for young aspiring individuals who utilized magic, young mages who strive for greatness. There were many people who used magic for numerous reasons based on who they are. Some exploit it for their own personal gain, which usually puts them in the category of dark mages. They are those who are wicked at heart as well as utilized magic for misdeeds, including harming innocent people for their own sheer enjoyment. Most individuals are good at heart, mage or not. They use their power for both just and good reasons. One of those aforementioned beings is currently within the Training Grounds practicing his magic, Malik Roberts.

    At the current moment, he stood still, composed as well as collected. His gaze had in range multiple targets. There were six in total with three being training dummies sitting motionlessly on the soft dirt-covered earth. They were properly set up in a triangular formation with one of the targets positioned at if it was the leader, while the one of the remaining two stood on each side of it. The last three of the group of training targets floated about the small troop of dummies, moving around in a circular formation. While more difficult to hit due to them being in mid-air, Malik could already see the repetitive pattern taking place in the atmosphere, making it much more easier for him to hit them to begin with. This young aspiring mage was no ordinary human. He was, to say, unique, special. He was actually a nephilim, a being who was half-god, half-demon to begin with. Both of his parents were demideities, so this left many astounding at how he was born the way he was in the first place. The answer could easily be found in his family tree, which can lead straight to one of his ancestors being a powerful demon. How demons made their way into the Roberts Family was for the family members themselves to know only. As a nephilim, Malik was born gifted with tremendous power as first felt and witnessed by his mother at birth. In his pure, infant gaze, she could see a strong young man of great importance and strength. She could see he son growing up to be an amazing adult. Even before knowing of what he truly was, the woman had always had faith in her child that would become something great. Further evidence of his amazing prowess was when he was training with his aunt, Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess. It was when he was still a child, energetic and optimistic. Full of hope and high in spirits.

    Right now, he was practicing his magic, aiming to become a great hero as he had always dreamed of as a kid, being known as a legend through not just his country, but the entire world. Unlike many young mages, who use what is commonly seen everyday in Fiore, Malik was much different. His magic was rare to the point where it had been lost in time, a Lost Magic. It was called God Slayer Magic, taught to him by a deity, respectively. His was of the Flame God Slayer and as such, he could generate and manipulate the destructive aspect of fire. It is a flame that can burn anything and everything to nothing. It was said that the original purpose for this magic was to slay gods. Amaterasu, his aunt, had said it was made to defeat evil gods, who threaten humanity and any other living beings alike. This included dragons, despite what terms they were on with humans. As deities were the most powerful of all beings, one can suspect that God Slayer Magic was of the most powerful of the types of Slayer Magic. As a little boy, the young God Slayer had always wondered of how mages, like him, came into existence. He asked such a question to his aunt and she was more than willing to explain the origin of the God Slayer, but that story was for another time to reminisce about. He had more pressing matter to focus on, like his training. He shifted into his signature fighting stance. His gaze became slowly fixed on the three target standing on the solid earth, unmoving as the gentle breezes flew passed his facial features. As he kept calmed and stared straight at the training dummies, his practices with his surrogate aunt began to resurface. It was of the times when she taught him how to create his flames to begin with. With much training following suite, he could instantly generate the fire at will now, as if second nature. He quickly lifted his right hand up in front of him, clearly open-palmed as he slowly concentrated. In that moment, black flames ignited with in it as it danced about with a mind of it's own. He then, reared it back as the flames in his palm compressed into the shape of a sphere. He thrusted his hand forth, releasing the black fireball as a result.

    In the years of his training on how to attack with such magic, the young warrior learned to improve his aim, exceptionally. The attack he had previously launched flew towards the training target to his right. The spherical flame grew closer as it approached the dummy, easily closing the distance between both. The mass of deadly fire successfully made contact. In that instant, however, he burst forth into a mighty blaze that immediately engulfed the target. Only seconds passed as it disintegrated to nothingness, leaving nothing left, but the burnt earth from where it once resided. This is, but a small testament to a God Slayers true power, flames even deadlier than dragon fire. The adolescent mage proceeded to lift both of his hands up, clenched into fists. He concentrated his power into them and instantaneously, black flames ignited, covering them in a blanket of dark fire. He opened his palms and had them face each other while in from of himself. He then, thrusted his arms outward. One stream of black flame launched out from each hand, both moving in a curved motion opposite of one another as they headed for the two remaining training dummies on the ground. These fiery streams were much faster than the fireball he had previous shot forth. They also contain higher quantities of his dark flames. This said elemental force was called god flames as they were created by deities and are dark variations of their natural counterparts, but of god-like destructive power. The rivers of aforementioned element closed in on the training dummies, quickly closing the distance. That managed to hit both directly. In mere moments, the target were already burning away. In less than a minute, they too were obliterated. With all targets on the ground completely annihilated, he immediately switched his attention to the one in the sky, which consisted of the last remaining three. This would be more difficult, but he had already had down the pattern in which they were moving.

    "Hmm, shouldn't be too hard to hit all three of them. Time to test my limits with these moving obstacles. Let's see, if I can hit all three of them at the same time with my flames." He thought as he gazed upward to the hovering objects above where the training dummies were while making a personal goal to himself to incinerate all of them at once. He had to concentrate with all his strength now. If he could accomplish burning all three of the targets at the same time, he would be once step closer to attaining the level of an A-Ranked Mage. The sheer thought of it made him inwardly excited, since he is always calm and composed. He soon generated black flames within his right palm. He then, shaped them into that of a javelin. As he held the newly-formed weapon in his hand, he narrowed his sight at the rotating the targets. He slowly waited for the right moment. He did not want to missed one, let alone all three. If he could hit them to begin, then he still had much training to do before he became an A-Ranked Mage. He reared back his right arm, which held the javelin-shaped mass of black flames in hand. His concentration increased as his gaze further narrowed at the moving targets in the flowing atmosphere underneath the glamorous rays of the brilliant sun. At that moment, he remained motionless, shutting off all noises emanating from various directions to keep his eyes on what matter at the moment. This was something he had learn when his Aunt Amaterasu taught him him out to create his black flames. In the beginning he struggle to generate one. Even so, the heat radiating off of it was highly dangerous an when left to grew, it would quickly grow into an unstoppable raging inferno. This is, but a small piece of the power a Flame God Slayer possesses. Not only that, but Malik was still an eight year-old boy at the time he was learning his magic. He must admit, when he first received such a power, he was elated to the point his body overflowed with vigor. The prowess and capability a God Slayer possessed to begin with was astounding. They have the potential to become deities themselves, being unmatched in power by any other.

    When he was much younger than he is to this day, which is currently the age of sixteen, he had always wondered about a certain inkling of information that he be scampering about in the recesses of his mind. Their in-workings had always been so very active, spouting about numerous questions from the vast space of his intelligence. The one question that had come to mind when spending much time training and bonding with his aunt was of relation to what she was. He asked what it was like being a deity, he had to imagine it to be amazing to be of such high status, having immense power to the point you could change the world single-handedly, and, especially helping as many people as one desired. Her answer was what he expected it to be, amazing. She told him her joy of being a goddess, being able to help others, but she also told him something he soon came to realize as a child. Humans and deities alike are the same. This is because man were transcendent divine beings themselves, but dwell in physical bodies, which limit their immense power as angels. Deities are also divine beings, but of a much higher order. They perceive over and embody a natural force of nature such as Amaterasu governing and embodying the sun itself. The very part of a living being that makes them alive, gives one will and desire, made humans, angels, and deities the same was a soul. It is a person's breath of life that, from a more Christian point-of-view, breathed into one by Lord God, father of divine beings, including of man. They say that deities were the first and most powerful races of beings in all of existence and beyond. The fact that a God Slayer could achieve such power is mind-blowing. Malik from what information he has gathered has concluded that God Slayer were the strongest of the Slayers and their magic can slay transcendent entities and nothing or no one is more powerful than such beings.

    With his concentration in full motion, the young mage decided that it was time to strike now as he felt it was the right time to initiate his attack and see, if he is ready to advance into the next step to becoming an A-Rank Mage. He decided to put a wist of his own on things before through the javelin of black flames. He thrusted it forth launching the attack as a result. In the same moment, it split into three javelin altogether. Each one was perfectly aimed at one of the continuously rotating target in the air. They three fiery weapon steadily close the distance between them and the floating objects as they soar with freedom through the atmosphere. Each one flew as, if possessing murderous intent. It was, like the weapons could wait to skewer the targets into oblivion. This type of behavior obviously originated from the flames that make up their form as Malik's fire was the destructive aspect of it's natural counterpart itself. To the God Slayer utter relief and excitement, all weapons managed to successfully connect with the targets, piercing through them from the middle. The minute they made contact, all three of the object burst into black flames, already starting to incinerate into nothing. It took only moments before the targets were completely erased from the world. The boy stood tall from where he had launched the three attacks, a small smile now etching it's way onto his facial features. He was overjoyed that he was able to finish the last of the targets off in his training. This proved he had advance a step further into accomplishing one of his goals. Becoming an A-Ranked Mage. He knows he has a long way to goal, before he can ascend into another level of power.

    Despite his recent accomplishments, he feels he isn't finish with his current training session and decides to perform something that only mages of his level could do. As he closed his eyes, black flames ignited in both of his hands. He relaxed his muscles as to make his movements for fluent. Raising his palm to be stretch outward to each end of their corresponding side, streams of god flames started to flow out of them. The circled around him, a cycle of interest that could anyone's eye. Speaking of which, some of his guildmates began to notice him training outside again. They looked on in awe as his dark fire mysteriously circled around him in a swift, nimble manner. His concentration grew and in response to this, the river of flames grew in terms of speed, cycling at a much faster rate. He then, opened his eyes and, immediately, his black flames came to an abrupt stop. He lifted his hand above his head, causing the dark fire to converge over his palms as a result. They slowly morphed into one flow mass, taking on an apparent shape, a black sphere. With all of the river-like streams of god flames converged into one single unit, he refused to simply stop their. With exertion of his power, he caused the ball of black flame to grow further in size. As it grew, those who observed him continued to watch on in amazement. They had never see magic, like his before. The very appearance of the flames were shocking enough as they move as, if alive, like they were a living entity. When the attack was don growing, it was now at a size much larger than a human man. Turning his gaze at a different angle, he spotted a perfect target to try his technique on. A very large boulder simply sitting about. He firmly swung his hand forward, launching the giant ball of black flame. It flew at great speed, which was impressing giving it's size. It successfully hit the large boulder, releasing a black explosion, incinerating the boulder to oblivion, leaving nothing left. He stood from he recent attack,. With that tactic finished, he was truly done training for the day.

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