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    Silver Beats Rock (A-rank RP Sample)


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    Silver Beats Rock (A-rank RP Sample)

    Post by Steelhooves on Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:11 pm

    “H-he-here you go, sir!” The elderly man stuttered as he handed Ryos the map to the tunnel.

    “R-rem-remember, don’t open the book!” The man said, sweating. “Are y-you sure you can do this?”

    “Damn straight!” Ryos said, smiling. “No worries, my friend. I’ll get that spell-book for you.” He head out the door, looking at the map. The job that he just signed up for seemed easy enough. Get in the cave, get the book, and get out. Problem is it was way to high-paying to be that simple. ‘Well, I’ll hope for the best.’ He walked to a near-by train station and got on a train leading to the location of the tunnel.

    A few hours later…

    ‘Ugh, I hate caves.’ Ryos thought as he walked down the dismal looking natural tunnel. He looked around the corner, seeing a low-rank monster, which he disposed of with a single punch. He got some blood on his shirt, so he took a break to wash it off in a nearby waterfall. ‘Interesting cave. Lots of waterfalls.’ He thought as he walked out, putting his wet shirt on.

    ‘How is this job so high-paying? There were only low-rank monsters, and I’m near the end.’ He continued down the path only to find himself encountering another D-rank, which he killed easily.
    About a long, boring hour later, he entered a giant, seemingly empty room. He lit a match and walked inside. He looked down to see oil, so he dropped the match and saw the room for its true color. It was about 100 feet high, and on the other side was the book he was searching for. One problem, there was a huge ogre guarding the gate. Ryos then understood why the job was worth so much.

    ‘Damn, this is at least an A-rank!’ He thought as the beast noticed him and roared. He readied his fists, hoping to win quickly. He looked at the beast and teleported closer to it, punching it at its stomach. However, this barely made a dent, and Ryos was sent flying back. He hit the wall. Hard.

    Ryos got up, looking at the beast. ‘Now I get why that dude was so jittery.’ He decided to use another technique. He ran up to the beast, waited for it to swipe at him, then teleported at the last second above the monster, trying to hit it on its head. However, he was blocked, thrown back. Before he could hit the wall for the second time, he teleported to a dirt patch, which he hit, but didn’t get hurt by. By that time, he was sweating, clearly not able to fight this monster in this way. However, he decided to try and go for the eye. He ran up, teleported, and managed to grab on to the monster’s nose, missing. He was flung off, and then hit by the beast. He hit the wall of the cave, and then hit the ground face-first. His back was bleeding badly, and he was in a tremendous amount of pain. The last thought he had before bleeding out was how he would die, in a cave, by the hand of an ogre.

    ‘No.’ He put one hand on the ground, lifting himself up slightly. ‘No, I will not die like this.’ He put on knee on the ground. ‘No.’ He stood up, and then looked at the beast. His eyes weren’t the bright purple they usually were. They became silver. “NO!” He screamed, before running at the ogre. He jumped up, avoiding getting crushed by the beast’s giant arm. He teleported behind the ogre, then punched the beast’s back. Unlike the first time, he hit hard enough to break a few ribs. The beast roared as Ryos ran up its back. He jumped up, then teleported even higher, falling and hitting the beast on the head, crushing its skull.

    Ryos hit the ground, covered in blood, with the giant ogre’s body hitting a wall and collapsing, never to move again. He then passed out from exhaustion, hitting the cold floor.

    “Ugh.” Ryos got up, and then fell back down. “What happened?” He said to himself, looking at the corpse next to him.

    ‘Did I do this?’ He thought, getting up. He looked around and saw the book. He walked over and picked it up, noticing how small it was, about the size of his hand. It was rather thin, but he decided not to open in, heeding the words of his client. He was about to put it in his blood-soaked jeans before realizing that dirtying the book wouldn’t help his payment. He walked over to a nearby waterfall, put the book down, and took a shower with his clothes on, getting rid of the blood. He then patched up his back slightly by wrapping gauze around the wound, and walked off.

    A few hours later…

    Ryos got off the train. He looked up at the starry sky and walked over to his client’s house. He knocked on the door of the jittery man, who opened it and let Ryos inside.

    “Do you have the book?” The man asked.

    “Yeah. You could’ve warned me about the ogre, you know.”

    “Well, what’s the fun in that?” The man, looking much less jittery, smiled.

    “Come, tell me of your adventure while I get myself a cup of tea. You want some?”

    “Yes, please.”

    They both sat down by a fireplace, and Ryos explained his adventure to the man. He then tossed him the book.

    “So, what did you want it for?”

    “Oh, this.” The man walked over to the burning fireplace and tossed the book in.

    “What the Hell!!” Ryos stared at the man. “I risked my damn life for that book!”

    “And I am paying you for that don’t worry. That book held a dark secret, and I could not afford anyone getting to it.” The man passed Ryos the bag of jewels, which Ryos accepted.

    “Have a nice evening!” Ryos said, walking out the door. ‘What a strange man. I wonder what spell was in that book…’ He thought as he walked off to find another job.

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